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Innovation using Technology

We strongly believe using Tech helps our students grasp concepts better & faster. Therefore, we have a special team consistently improving our learning content from Pdfs to Audio Flipbooks, Flashcards to AR concepts, Notes to Quizlets & so much more.


Our goal is to provide best assets in developing Mandarin fluency that set students up for success in life, career, and beyond.
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We are proficient in turning beginners to Mandarin experts in just 365 hours.


What our Students say
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Lifetime Events

We had amazing experience working with Government of Gujarat (Through FICCI) & Guangdong Government. Cool Panda was extremely honoured to have provided 20 interpreters for the event organized.

Our Team

Parth Shah


Terrifically admired for his ambitions, dedication & skill set. Mastering his HSK 6 along with BCT B from Guangzhou in a short span of 1 year is what he is massively praised for. Our head teacher loves his niece & work the most !!

Priyal Shah


She is our youngest teacher, HSK 6 expert who has studied from 3 different universities in China. We love, admire, cherish her laziness which gives us the best of time saving solutions. Introvert at her best. This bizzare soul is training for Karate, studying Japanese & crazy fan of Korean dramas.



She is the most talented, most hardworking & most fun loving person on our team. Not only our go-to person is HSK 5 mastered she is also apt in marketing. This little bird is all smiles & super passionate about 'Saying Yes' to everything.

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Chinese Mandarin is India’s most important business & highest paid translative language. We teach this future language seamlessly & also provide job opportunities.