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Flipbooks are online Pdfs with Audios/Videos embedded in them making the Listening, Spoken practice & repeating process so much better. Our students have shown 80% better Listening/Spoken skills after using Flipbooks.

Standard Course Book Flipbooks Vast majority of the students face difficulties in listening and speaking field, hence we have come up with flipbook. Flipbook are the PDF files with Audios/Videos embedded in them due to which students can improve their Reading / Listening & Speaking all at the same time. Click on the play button besides the text to play the audio. Audio can be repeated unlimited times just by clicking on it. Since Mandarin is a tonal language, using Flipbook for practicing Listening/Speaking actually saves times, increases accuracy and precision. Students can master tones and pronunciation in no time using Flipbooks.

Workbook Flipbooks

Work books are a replica of Question papers, hence solving the listening part of workbook chapters is a challenge for the students. In order to make the students learn better, we have simplified the listening part of the workbook.

Using flipbook to solve the listening part saves 50% time of the students. Again, improving accuracy and precision. There are no irritating hassles to move back and forth in VLC/Windows media player if you wish to repeat the audio of a particular question.

Hence student learns better, quicker, faster and makes thing easier for him.

Tech always helps. We are constantly trying to get more tech on board. Happy learning 😊


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