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Smart Flash Card Reader


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This Flashcard contains 224 talking flash cards – 448 words.

It is great learning resources for kids for recognizing, reading, spelling common words and improving their reading progress. As an interactive toy, it also can help your children to keep away from TV, phone & computer. There is no electronic screen on the device, no internet required, and the design of this learning tool is intended to protect student’s eyesight from radiation. All products are made up of friendly, non-toxic and harmless materials. It’s die-cut with rounded corners and waterproof coating, totally safe for kids.

~【AUDIBLE FLASHCARD FOR TODDLERS】- 224 colourful Double-sided cards (448 Words), cute body, standard pronunciation. The machine will tell the words, animals will make noises, allowing students to understand words deeply through visual and auditory sensory methods to explore the unknown of the world. Learning toy for everyone who wants to be bilingual (English & Chinese)

~【DEVELOPING SKILLS】- Colourful illustrations and fun sounds will attract and provide you & your little one with hours of fun exploration and learning while developing the cognitive skills, memory skills, and early reading skills by playing these sight word games. Simple but fun educational toys are perfect for every age.

~【HIGH LEVEL CONTENT】Student/your baby can learn different animals, vehicles, foods, fruits, colours, vegetables, daily necessities, costumes, nature, profession, family, shapes, number, places etc words and its pronunciation in 2 languages i.e English and Chinese.

~【INTERACTIVE TEACHING TOOL】- Our flashcards are suitable for interactive teaching between adults and children. There is no electronic screen on the device, no internet is required. Keep you away from electronics and radiation

~【PORTABLE】- Small in size with USB charging makes it convenient to carry and play anywhere. Make learning fun and interactive whether at home, kindergarten, school, indoor or outdoor.

~【GREAT GIFTS FOR ANY OCCASSION】- An excellent learning toy for home-schooling, Day-care Montessori/ Playgroup, Kindergarten or even business people. Perfect gifts for Back-to-school, Birthday, Christmas, Children’s parties, and any occasion!

~【BILINGUAL IN ENGLISH & CHINESE】- Become fluent in 2 languages speedily with most commonly used vocabulary of daily day to day conversations.Β Β Β 

~【Easy operation】- Only three buttons in total. One for volume control which can adjust the volume, one for powering on & one for repeating audio. Kids/Adults can use it by themselves. Suitable for toddlers, preschool kids, home-educational kids, parents, teens, business professionals etc.

  1. Insert the learning flash card
  2. Press the button
  3. The educational toy will pronounce the word clearly & loudly.Β 

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