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Mini Pocket Guide Travelling Pen


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4 in 1 Mini Pocket Guide Travelling Pen is useful for every kid, teen, student, working professional, business professional travelling to China. It serves as a medium of communication between you & the Chinese people. It’s an important necessary survival tool for everyone who expects a seamless smooth communication.

4 in 1 Mini Pocket Guide Travelling Pen has various content embed in them which helps traveller to survive in China. Every set consists of 2 pens (Red & Black) with different content in each of them.

The content of pen is written in Pinyin hence it becomes easier for everyone to read & quickly use the content for their necessary purpose.

Learn Pinyin with us in 6 hours only & use the content of the pen at your own convenience.

The pen is extremely lightweight, convenient & h&y in use.

QR code on the pen-cap redirects you to our website page.

Pen is packed with 4 main features in it


            1.Mini Pocket Travel Guide

These pens contain various topics used in our daily day to day conversations.

Every topic has 20-40 vocabulary within them.

Need to pull out the content & then it automatically goes in once released.

Following topics has been covered:

          – Common Greetings

          – Polite Expressions

          – Needs & Question Words

          – Numbers

          – Time / Date

          – Asking Directions

          – At Hotel

          – At Airport

          – At Restaurant

          – Visiting Town

          – Shopping

          – Food, Vegetables & Fruits

          – Staying Connected

          – Emergencies & Safety


Hence this pen serves as an essential survival necessity tool for you to communicate important & necessary things with everyone at every given place.


          2. Ball point Pen

       –  Whether you’re signing a check, taking notes, or writing an invoice, a great pen can make your h&writing look its clearest & nicest (& it can also provide some joy along the way).

       – These pens are great for writing on all types of surfaces, including slick or cheap paper, which inkier pens smudge or bleed through.

      – No leakage or bloated ink.

      –  It’s balanced closer to the tip, so writing is effortless & requires less pressure.


          3. Mobile st& / Mobile holder

      –  The cap of the pen is detachable & can separately be used as a mobile holder.

      –  The mobile needs to be placed in a landscape mode

      –  You Can use the pen cap to Watch Videos, Watch Movies, Listen Music, Make videocalls, Write/Sign with the pen while looking at the important content on mobile screen.


           4. Mobile Touch Stylus

The bottom part of the part is fitted with mobile touch stylus which helps you to make your cell phone navigation easy, smooth, faster & better.

Making Students Study Well, Making Business Professionals Progress Well & Making Every traveller’s life easy in China was our sole-motivation in designing these pens :)


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